St. Benedict English Choir Group

The English Choir has 28 active members. Most of the members are Filipinos. There are several western members. We are fortunate to have organists who give generously of their time and talent. We meet 2 hours before mass each Sunday. The first hour is spent in group prayer, Bible reading, and Bible sharing. Then, we practice singing for one hour before mass.

Our objective and purpose is to lead the congregation in singing worship songs during mass. We don’t demand high quality voices. There is no audition. Your didication and commitment to service is what matters.

In addition, we have other activities like: visiting prisoners, orphanes, and elderly. We believe this is part of our service to God.

It is our hope and desire that many people will come together, from all over and be united in singing for the Lord as one Body of Christ.

Come join us!!!

Contact Susan Baydo at: 9329-5153

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