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33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time


Please pray for Hong Kong Society


Our parish will also pray for the Hong Kong community ten minutes before the mass.

We will recite one decade of the Rosary,

asking for the intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary,

and sing the Prayer of St. Francis, making all of us the tools for peace.

The "Three Minutes on Sunday" will be

suspended until further notice.

Let us pray for the early return of apeaceful,

tolerant and friendly community in Hong Kong.



1.    Advent Recollection: The Advent Recollection of the English Speaking Community will be held on Sunday, 1st of December from 2:30 to 5:00 pm at the 3rd floor hall. Priests will be available for the Confessions from 3:30 pm. We are all invited to join this Recollection.

2.    Christmas Celebration: The English Speaking Community Christmas celebration will be held on the 8th of December. We cordially invite everyone to join us to share the joys of Christmas through our fellowship meal at 1:30 pm at the 3rd floor hall, followed by carols singing, variety entertainments and Raffle draw. We would appreciate your generous contributions and gifts for the prizes of Raffle draw. Those who wish to make any donations may approach Fr. Raja or the Parish Office. Admission Tickets for a sumptuous meal and for the Raffle draw are now available at the Church lobby at HK$50.

3.    Seasonal Requiem Mass: Our Church will hold a Requiem Mass on Friday, November 29 at 8 pm for the parishioners who had passed away over the past three months. Please attend the Mass to pray for the eternal rest of our departed brothers and sisters in Christ.

4.    Baptisms for Infants: The baptisms for infants will take place on Saturday, January 11, 2020. Registration forms can be collected from the Parish Office. The deadline for registration is December 8.

5.    Parish Parking Label 2020: Holders of the 2019 parking labels please exchange for the 2020 labels with the old labels at the lobby between December 8, 2019 and January 13, 2020. The parking label will be written off if not collected within the prescribed period. Please note that the deadline for new applications is November 24. New applicants are required to attend the briefing session on December 15 at 1:30 pm at Room 101. Parking labels will not be issued to the new applicants who do not attend the briefing session.

6.    Christmas Wishing Cards: The Christmas Wishing Cards for offering blessings to our loved ones are now available. Please return the written cards to the Parish Office before December 7 for decorating the parish Christmas tree. The offering will be made during the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. Please make a freewill donation of not less than $10 per card. The money collected will be used for the parish special fund to finance the activities of young people and the elderly.

7.   Postponement of Fund-raising Carnival: The fund-raising carnival of the Catholic Messengers of Green Consciousness originally scheduled for today, November 17, 2019 cannot be held due to the present social situation. It was decided “to be postponed to next year”. The exact date and time will be announced later. (For enquiries, please call: 2327-0724 or e-mail: [email protected]).

8.  Rosary Praying: There will be a Rosary praying in the Church right after the English Mass with special intentions for the peace and harmony of Hong Kong society. Please join us for the Rosary praying.

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Typhoon and Black Rain Measures:

On weekdays and Sunday when typhoon signal no. 8 or above, or black rainstorm warning signal is hoisted during mass time, the mass will be cancelled and the Church will be closed temporarily, and will open again and function normally within two hours after that signal is lowered.

    Special arrangements for our Parish: If on Sunday the morning masses are cancelled due to typhoon, but typhoon signal no. 8 is lowered before 6 pm, then a special bilingual Sunday Mass will be celebrated at 8 pm. If on Saturday typhoon signal no. 8 or above is forecast to be hoisted at or after 5 pm, then a mass (Cantonese) will be added at 3 pm on Saturday.


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Chancery Notice 25 June 2009


A church or chapel is a place set apart for divine worship and prayers. The faithful should therefore be properly and decently dressed while taking part in the liturgy or praying in these sacred places. A simplified Dress Code for church attendance, to be posted at the entrances to churches and chapels open to the faithful, has been laid down by Bishop John TONG after consultation with the Council of Priests and the Deaneries. The Bishop exhorts the faithful to abide by this Dress Code, in order that they may give due reverence to the sacred character of a church or chapel. The same Code applies to other visitors to these places.


Rev. Lawrence LEE




 *** Let us enter the church with a solemn attitude ***

**Decently and properly dressed is one way to show our respect to God**


Please refrain from wearing clothes which are too short or too revealing. 

Mini-skirts and short pants should also be avoided.

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