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Mesothelioma Cancer

Mesothelioma Cancer


  24th Sunday in Ordinary Time 

(17th September, 2017) 


    1.   Community Society group: on September 24, the group will be held a charity dinner for poor family community to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. I would like to ask the faithful to donate the moon cake. Please put it in front of the Parish office.


    2.   Family Pastoral Group: A family day entitled "Learning while having fun, food and drink" will be held in the Church on October 1. Activities will include lunch, snacks, group games, child character training workshop and parents' school. Parents are welcome to come along with their children and the whole family. Those interested please register at the Resources Corner before September 17. Places are limited. Please refer to the parish poster for more information. The event will be conducted in Cantonese.


    3.   Cantonese Opera:  on October 5 (Thursday) Mid-Autumn Festival next day holiday, Cantonese song enthusiasts held Cantonese opera appreciation, to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. From 1 pm to 5 pm, the venue at the 3rd floor auditorium. Tickets are available at the front reception desk. Free of charge, attendees have a gift package.


    4.   Parish missionary activities: on October 1, there will be a prayer meeting, for church members to participate. Content: sharing, meditation, prayer, individual spiritual conversation, repentance, sacrament and blessing; on October 2, evangelization day, members can invite friends to participate. Content: singing, drama and life witness. Both events were held at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium from 3 pm to 5 pm. There are still a small number of tickets, interested attendees can be obtained from parish counter.


    5.   Infant Baptism: The infant baptisms will take place on October 21 during the Anticipated Mass of Mission Sunday. Registration forms can be collected from the Parish Office. The deadline for the application will be October 1.


    6.   Evangelization day: On October 8th, from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, the "The Blessing of Love" will be held at City One plaza square. Many programs such as: dragon and lion dance, music, song and dance, drama, magic and priest sharing; more than a number of award-winning booth game. For the whole family old and young people had a pleasant afternoon, please invite your friends and relatives to participate, Members are welcome to attend the volunteer service on the same day. Please contact us at Room 101, Room 24, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm on September 24th.


    7.  Father’s Yu Birthday banquet: Father Yu’s 80th birthday celebration dinner will held on November 19. The dinner ticket is still available.


    8.  Children's Chinese Choir: now recruiting new members, welcome 6 to 12 years old like music students to participate. Also "non-student members" who are 12 years of age above will be invited to join, aspiring adolescents and adults to teach or catechumen adults to participate.

          Basic hours of study time for every Sunday school day (Saturday) from 3:45 pm to 5 pm; interested parties may request a form from parish office.


    9.   Sha Tin Caritas Bazaar: Our parish is looking for large quantity of new gifts for charity sales and game prizes for the Church and Little Flower School at the Sha Tin Caritas Bazaar. If you know some manufacturers who are willing to donate their products for charity, please let the Parish Office know how to contact them. We also invite you to donate your handmade crafts for charity sales in the “Art Gallery”. Please get the application forms from the special counter in the lobby.


    10.  Prayer meeting:  November 12 Sunday, 2:00 pm, Taize prayer will be held at the church, Father Tito will share with you the experience of the vocation, please participate.


    11.  Rosary Praying: There will be a Rosary praying in the Church right after Mass with intentions for the sick and the elderly. We are all invited to join the Rosary praying.


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    Typhoon and Black Rain Measures:

    On weekdays and Sunday when typhoon signal no. 8 or above, or black rainstorm warning signal is hoisted during mass time, the mass will be cancelled and the Church will be closed temporarily, and will open again and function normally within two hours after that signal is lowered.

        Special arrangements for our Parish: If on Sunday the  morning masses are cancelled due to typhoon, but typhoon signal no. 8 is lowered before 6 pm, then a special bilingual Sunday Mass will be celebrated at 8 pm. If on Saturday typhoon signal no. 8 or above is forecast to be hoisted at or after 5 pm, then a mass (Cantonese) will be added at 3 pm on Saturday.


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    Chancery Notice 25 June 2009


    A church or chapel is a place set apart for divine worship and prayers. The faithful should therefore be properly and decently dressed while taking part in the liturgy or praying in these sacred places. A simplified Dress Code for church attendance, to be posted at the entrances to churches and chapels open to the faithful, has been laid down by Bishop John TONG after consultation with the Council of Priests and the Deaneries. The Bishop exhorts the faithful to abide by this Dress Code, in order that they may give due reverence to the sacred character of a church or chapel. The same Code applies to other visitors to these places.


    Rev. Lawrence LEE



    *** Let us enter the church with a solemn attitude ***

    **Decently and properly dressed is one way to show our respect to God**


    Please refrain from wearing clothes which are too short or too revealing. 

    Mini-skirts and short pants should also be avoided.


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